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With two decades of change in telecommunications and computer technology, small business owners can now effectively run a small business from the very confines of their home. Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves reliant on underutilized financial software or costly and untimely professional services. At SBAS, we have a passion for helping small businesses grow and become more productive. With the rising cost of employee labor and business services, isn't it time to put yourself back in the driver's seat?

— Linda H. Blackburn, CPA
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Unlike all-day QuickBooks seminars that may leave business owners tired and confused, the SBAS training program is customized to each small business and its specific operational needs. This unique training approach allows business owners (or top level managers) the ability to train on systems applicable to their industry and financial needs.

Each in-house training engagement is held in the environment chosen by each participant …whether in a home office or a neighborhood coffee house. The primary objective of the training is to design a system that works within the owners' business structure and organizational competencies. For this reason, customized QuickBooks training is available on weekdays (including evenings) and weekends, depending on availability.

Training is administered in short, intensive and interactive sessions to help each participant gain confidence in each area of the program. This training technique has been proven highly successful since it was developed exclusively for small business principals in 2003. We have a wide array of industry expertise extending from manufacturing to retail operations.

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