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With two decades of change in telecommunications and computer technology, small business owners can now effectively run a small business from the very confines of their home. Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves reliant on underutilized financial software or costly and untimely professional services. At SBAS, we have a passion for helping small businesses grow and become more productive. With the rising cost of employee labor and business services, isn't it time to put yourself back in the driver's seat?

— Linda H. Blackburn, CPA
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Small Business Survival Series:
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Small Business Survival Series: What every business owner needs to know.

With all the knowledge that is required to run a business, how can you be sure you are your covering all your bases? At SBAS, we believe there are some things you must know to avoid unnecessary confusion or costly penalties. Some of the topics in our Small Business Survival Series will help you gain the understanding you need to run your business more efficiently:
  • IRS Hot Topics
  • Record Keeping
  • Cash Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractors
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